The Appreciation Award

About The Appreciation Award

The Gatsby Showcase Foundation understands the profound impact of appreciation and acknowledgment. It’s the fuel that keeps the fire of inspiration burning. That’s why we’ve introduced the Appreciation Award to recognize individuals who have made exceptional contributions in the field of fashion, philanthropy, and community development.

Our Vision

The Appreciation Award is not just an accolade; it’s a symbol of our vision to create a world where elegance, style, and compassion converge to bring about lasting change. We believe in the power of gratitude and the importance of acknowledging those whose tireless efforts have created ripples of positive transformation.

Honoring Excellence

Every year, the Gatsby Showcase Foundation selects an individual whose dedication, commitment, and accomplishments align with our mission to break down barriers and empower underrepresented groups. The Appreciation Award serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, showing that by working together, we can achieve remarkable things.

Our Past Recipients

The list of past recipients of the Appreciation Award is a testament to the diverse and extraordinary individuals who have graced our stage. Their stories inspire us and remind us that change is possible when we come together with a common purpose.

image showing celebrity 2022 Gatsby showcase


Dr. Lance London



Charles DeSantis
Derrick Rutledge