2023 Thanksgiving Drive

image showing CEO

2023 Thanksgiving Drive with Dr. Tifanny Mapp

Landover, Maryland

A Grateful Harvest: Gatsby Showcase Foundation’s Thanksgiving Drive with Dr. Tiffany Mapp

In a heartwarming collaboration, the Gatsby Showcase Foundation joined forces with Dr. Tiffany Mapp of Miracle Medical Obstetrics for a philanthropic endeavor that epitomized the spirit of giving. Titled “A Saturday Well Spent,” this event was a remarkable Thanksgiving drive aimed at uplifting the community. The foundation, driven by a commitment to service, distributed turkeys, chickens, and pies to the patients and families under Dr. Mapp’s care. Notably, a substantial seventy percent of these recipients rely on state-funded assistance, making the gesture even more impactful. This compassionate initiative not only exemplifies the Gatsby Showcase Foundation’s dedication to making a positive difference but also reinforces the belief that service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth. In this collective effort, a sense of gratitude blossomed, creating a lasting impact on the lives of those served by this heartwarming collaboration.